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Seminar at the College for Social Sciences and Humanities: „Getting Funding in the Social Sciences: What I Wish I Knew“

18. Juli 2024 14:00 20:00

The ability to effectively communicate research findings of your research and secure funding for undertaking research are crucial for advancing knowledge, as well as individual careers. However, the way in which publication and grant selection work, and to go about them, can be a black-box, in particular for those early in their careers. This seminar addresses PhD students and early career researchers who want to develop their understanding of writing for publication and for grant applications.

Writing for publication and securing research funding are two of the most crucial skills for academics and researchers. Publications disseminate research findings to a broader audience, enable exchange and debate, moving knowledge forward, and significantly contribute to professional reputation. Simultaneously, obtaining funding can be essential for conducting -at least certain types of- research, often in teams, and for supporting your development. However, the competition both for journal space and research funding is intense and seems to be ever increasing.

In this seminar, we will benefit from the experiences of national and international senior and junior academics, by asking them to reflect on what issues should be considered when writing for publication and proposal writing, and what they have learnt in their journeys. We will also leverage the experience of journal editors in the social sciences (with a particular focus in the areas of education and the sociology of work) and national and international funding bodies’ grant application panel members, to provide insights and advice to successfully plan for and navigate your publication and grant application journeys. The seminar will provide ample opportunities for networking and exchange between participants.

The seminar is organised and chaired by Manuel Souto-Otero, who is professor of education policy and sociology at Cardiff University (UK) and currently a Senior Fellow at the College, Birgit Apitzsch (Ruhr University Bochum; Sociology of Work, Economy, and Welfare) and Maximiliane Wilkesmann (TU Dortmund University; Sociology of Work and Organisation).

Please register by 11 July. The number of participants is limited. It is possible to register for the entire seminar or for one of the sessions. Registrations for the complete seminar will be considered with priority.

Please find further information on the seminar, the registration process and the full programme here.