The self-study course from Unser Campus is now accessible via OpenRUB!

The self-study course Unser Campus provides information about sexism at universities, intersectional perspectives and masculinity for Moodle-users and all interested parties. In addition to introductery texts on socially relevant topics, the course includes an extensive database with internal and external counselling and support services, recommendations and strategies for dealing with discrimination and sexualized violence, exciting interview podcasts with RUB actors on racism at the university and studying with disabilities, as well as informative tips for further reading.

For members of the RUB, access is possible via the Moodle learning platform: simply enter Unser Campus in the search bar and register!
External interested parties can visit the self-learning course via OpenRUB under the following link:

You can find more information about the campaign at

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Our self-study course:


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