Study Programmes for Gender Studies

The key content of the study programmes for Gender Studies offered by RUB includes the following:

Work, institutions, cultural practicesCultural and media representationsIdentities, positions, differences
The analysis of the comprehensive transformation processes, which can be seen from a historical and current perspective, in work, institutions and cultural practices in the national and international context. The analysis of cultural constructions and representations of gender, and in particular those of media and literature.Analysis of processes of social positioning by people or groups of people between the conflicting priorities of social categories and identity formation.

At RUB, the core teaching of Gender Studies consists of the courses offered by the three faculties of Social Sciences, Philology (especially  Media Studies and Romance Studies) and Historical Science. The Marie-Jahoda Fellowship offers events which add to this programme, as do varying the programme with other subjects such as Protestant and Catholic Theology, Sports Science and Psychology.

The courses:

1. Gender Studies – Culture, Communication, Society (2-subject Masters)

As a 2-subject Masters, Gender Studies is combined with another subject of your choice, on an equal standing. The standard duration of the programme of study is 4 semesters and comprises 120 CP (credit points). The 2-subject Masters programme requires a BA degree of at least 6 semesters in humanities, cultural sciences, social sciences or philology. Masters or diploma degrees may be recognised as equivalent. In the case of external applicants and graduates from other subjects, an equivalence test will be carried out using the documents submitted for the application. Successful completion of a Master of Arts (MA) also qualifies you to study for a doctorate. Completing an internship during the Masters programme is not obligatory, but is recommended (6 weeks or 240 hours respectively). A study visit abroad is also not obligatory, but can be integrated into the curriculum.

2. Joint Degree Gender Studies (1-subject Masters)

The Masters programme Joint Degree Gender Studies is a joint programme of the Ruhr University Bochum and the Karl-Franzens University of Graz (Austria). The standard duration of the programme of study is 4 semesters and comprises 120 CP (credit points). The prerequisite for admission is having completed a BA degree in Gender Studies with a minimum of 180 CP (ECTS credits). Other equivalent degrees in humanities and cultural studies, social sciences and economics, law, theology, psychology, health sciences and nursing sciences may be recognised as equivalent provided they include at least 30 CP in one or more of the following areas:

  • Gender issues in cultural studies and social sciences
  • theory development in the fields of culture, media and society
  • methods of cultural, humanities and social science empiricism.

The Joint Degree Gender Studies comprises an obligatory internship (4 weeks or 160 hours) and at least one semester abroad at 30 CP level at the partner university in Graz. The Master of Arts (MA) is recognised as a full course of academic study in the countries of the partner universities and qualifies students to continue to study for a doctorate.

Both courses of study, 2-subject and 1-subject Masters, have restricted admission.

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Academic Advisor Gender Studies
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